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If you are here it means that you consciously decide about your live. Many people spend too much time thinking about what they will do in the future, waiting for the right moment. Unfortunately just thinking and talking about it will not help you accomplish anything. The key here is to make at least one step a day toward your goal. I am glad that you are joining our great community, because it is thanks to people like you that I believe we can change everything and create a better future for all :)
It is good to have you with us,
Don’t be a stranger ;)
Karolina Jurczak
Lord profile in Talent Dynamics, Master of Economics. On a daily basis manages real estate. Model, Miss, Local Crossfit champion. Motto: “Success and Beauty are no accident”

Karolina Solecka

Karolina Solecka


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Nutrivi - Cheers to your health! Chapter 2

On the occasion of the second Congress Become a Supercentenarian, this time organized in Prague, the ‘Nutrivi – Cheers to your health’ promotion has come back! more



May - bank holiday

Longer delivery times. more



Spring awakening - perfect skin hydration up to -33%

The end of the promotion - 13.4. (23:59) - The fourth edition of WellU's spring promotions is dedicated to the basis of skin care - moisturizing. Because moisturized skin is a strong, healthy and beautiful skin. more



Serum Face Repair Spray with ectoin has moved to the Dermo series

Your already known Serum Face Repair Spray enriched with ectoin has changed its name to Dermo Serum and by doing so has moved to the Dermo family, which characterizes itself with the already mentioned ectoin content and the Organic Plus formula. more



Nie przegap nowych wydarzeń z WellU na 2018!

Nowy rok w WellU rozpoczął się wspaniałą Galą, podczas której mogliście usłyszeć co nieco o naszych planach eventowych na 2018. Kalendarz WellU zapełnia się pierwszymi spotkaniami, na które już dziś serdecznie Was zapraszamy. more



Sekret długowieczności i tajemnice Biopeptide Complex w najnowszej Harmonii

W najnowszym numerze czasopisma o zdrowiu, naturoterapii i medycynie Harmonia przeczytacie wywiad z Profesorem Andrzejem Frydrychowskim, w którym podkreśla rolę peptydów w utrzymaniu długiego życia w zdrowiu. more



New products in amazing promotional sets!

Starting today, freshly after premieres at the International WellU Gala 2018, we are launching an amazing offer for promotional sets with all our novelties! Don’t miss this unique occassion! more



The ‘small’ peptide serum just got bigger – 150 ml

The smaller version of the iconic Serum Face, Hair & Body Repair is changing its volume. The previous one of 100 ml will now be available in a bottle containing 150 ml. more



Autumn sale Peptide Drink Health & Beauty - starting from today buy with 10% discount!

We’ve got good news for you! The autumn sale of the Peptide Drink Health & Beauty is about to start with an additional 10% discount. more



Materiály STAŇTE SE SUPERSTOLETÝM již dostupné!

Materiály STAŇTE SE SUPERSTOLETÝM, které jste přijali s nadšením během Byznys víkendu, jsou dostupné na naší ISSUU a jako pdf nebo v našem obchodě. more



Skin care for the whole family 20% off

For the beginning of Autumn we have prepared for you an offer that will benefit the entire family. Check what products you can buy 20% off. more



Get a 20% discount on the purchase of SLIM FOOD CLASSIC

Ready to consume, wholesome food product SLIM FOOD with dietary, nutritional and pro-health effects you can buy from today at 20% off! more


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